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Event location: Online

Event date and time: 27/09/2021 09:00:00

Rethinking structural inequality in South Africa: Towards youth development. 

The effort to ignite social capital for innovation and transformation of any society depends on its ability to invest in youth development. This requires both sharpening activism that interconnect with the societal challenges and make a meaningful contribution. It is in this context that igniting purposeful activism is equal to connect intellectual development relevant to unmask the vestiges that deprive development.

These vestiges or anti-development must be contextualising as depravation of people centric development. Nelson Mandela Annual Youth Convention is presented to build a conscience citizenry that understand the features of democracy and how it functions in the context of social rights and inclusiveness.

This strategy would also consolidate social justice discourse and social enterprise amongst youth. It is therefore that youth people are invited to shape the course of the struggle for continental prosperity.

Who should attend?

  • Student Representative Council members
  • Student leaders
  • Executive members of societies and organisation
  • Leaders at residences (On-campus and off-campus)
  • Students active in youth development

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